Robben not Want Called ‘Superstar’

Robben not Want Called ‘Superstar’

Robben not Want Called 'Superstar'

Doha – In his career as a footballer Arjen Robben has received myriad championship title. However, Robben refused if called as a football superstar.

Entering its 15th year in professional football, Robben began to pursue a career with Dutch club Groningen. However, the new rising star Robben after joining PSV where he gained the 2002-03 Eredivisie title.

Only two seasons in Eindhoven, Robben moved to England to join Chelsea for three seasons and won two Premier League titles, one FA Cup and two League Cup and the Community Shield.

Until the summer, the left-hander moved to Spain to strengthen Real Madrid. Two uniformed season ‘white’, Robben won the title of La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup. In 2009, Robben moved to Germany to defend Bayern Munich until now.

In a way, this is the peak of his career at Bayern Robben. Robben is now entering his sixth season in Bavaria and for which he has won a total of 11 championship trophies, including three Bundesliga and German Cup titles, as well as the Champions League.

“I did not like that word (superstar),” said Robben, who quoted the official club website. “I was blessed with a talent for football but other than that I’m just an ordinary person.”

“So far we did perform so well and has won many titles in the past few years. I just feel proud to be a part of it all,” added the Dutch national team players.

Robben continued to show good trend in this season. Until now, Robben has had 12 goals in 18 appearances in all competitions along with a good rate of Bayern in all competitions she entered.