The True Identity of Philosophy Van Gaal confirmed by Will Look At MU Already Full Team

The True Identity of Philosophy Van Gaal confirmed by Will Look At MU Already Full Team

The True Identity of Philosophy Van Gaal confirmed by Will Look At MU Already Full Team

Jakarta – Since coming to Manchester United, Louis van Gaal continued to emphasize on the “philosophy” football. So far it has not seen true, with MU is still relatively inconsistent. However, it is also considered not to be separated from the injury cases that hit the squad.

Van Gaal came to Old Trafford in the summer to bring new expectations, after unsatisfactory season with David Moyes. Together with Van Gaal came also recruited a number of new players on the transfer market at the time.

Coupled with a track record of success with Ajax, Barcelona, AZ Alkmaar, Bayern Munich, and the last Dutch national team at the World Cup, Van Gaal no doubt holds a lot of hope.

However, his MU Van Gaal has so far not look that good. Sitting in fourth position with 12 points adrift of Chelsea’s standings, the ‘Red Devils’ even swallow some disappointing results when facing teams on paper can be overcome.

Spotlight on Van Gaal is also directed against the choice to use a 3-5-2 formation on many occasions. The Manchester United fans have also asked Van Gaal to return to the standard 4-4-2 formation, supported by Gary Neville, a former Manchester United player.

Even so, Van Gaal assessed has its own considerations apply 3-5-2 and is not separated from the number of players successive hit by injury. As a result Van Gaal also had to rack my brain to find an appropriate strategy.

“Managers use (3-5-2) in the Dutch national team for the World Cup and it went great. As a result we have a lot of injuries, I think we had to play a 3-5-2. The manager has said it will play the players who could be lowered , “said Denis Irwin, United players the period 1990-2002, in conversation with detikSport at the Palace, Hotel, Jakarta.

“I think the injury, especially in parts of central defender, has forced us to play 3-5-2. Michael Carrick even several times had to play so central defender,” he continued.

Irwin, who claimed to have made several appearances in a 3-5-2 formation with the national team of the Republic of Ireland, did not deny that the players United Kingdom are more familiar with the 4-4-2 formation that adaptation is needed. But he insists, “Sir Alex has ever put on 3-5-2.”

“The players have to follow what the manager plan and philosophy. He (Van Gaal) is the manager and he has the experience and track record of success are good. We just need a little patience,” added Irwin.

He also did not deny that Van Gaal, who recently trained in the UK this time, must adapt. The process was clearly should be the player with his new manager. However, he believes it will soon be the true positive results especially when the entire United players are no longer injured.

“I think when all the players have recovered from injury and could be played, then we can see the true identity of the game as what you want displayed by the manager,” said Irwin sure.

“I thought it was just David De Gea this season injury free. So it has been very disturbing injury this season. But I also do not want to make it a reason, MK Dons and Leicester bad day for us,” he added referring to the 0-4 defeat over MK Dons in the English League Cup and 3-5 at Leicester City in the Premier League in August and September.

Irwin, who is now an active role in supporting the programs created by the Manchester United Soccer School, was in Jakarta in order to liven up the kick-off program CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy which will encompass 11 best young players from Indonesia to be sent to a training camp at Old Trafford in May next.