Almost Lost in La Liga, Barca Requested Not Repeat Mistakes

Almost Lost in La Liga, Barca Requested Not Repeat Mistakes

Almost Lost in La Liga, Barca Requested Not Repeat Mistakes

Barcelona – Barcelona Luis Enrique calls easily undergo preparations ahead of banquet against Villarreal. Which then he reminded the players is to maintain the consistency that no longer troubled by his guests.

“The preparation that we did quite easy because we’ve got a match against the same team recently, which can be used as a reference. We know what we need to get better again and we had to make our opponents trouble,” said Luis Enrique in the conference the press ahead of the game.

Barca dealing with Villarreal at Camp Nou on Thursday (12/02/2015) pm dawn later in the semi-final first leg of the Copa del Rey. This is the second meeting with Villarreal as a new Barca on February 1 are both facing in the same place for La Liga Primera. In a match that lasted cried when it was, the hosts won 3-2.

Barca actually welcomed the game in amazingly good condition for continuing to win in the last nine games. Blaugrana also very sharply after the success scored over 34 goals.

Although middle-okenya okay, Enrique called his team should not repeat the same mistake as two weeks ago. Barcelona called Enrique giving too much wind at Villarreal so that it can develop games and even made two goals.

“We have to be more consistent this time. We can not let them have a lot of opportunities, as they did in the league. We know this is a big game for them. This is the first time they get to the semi-finals and they undergo a remarkable season. ”

“In football you can not turn on again what you did in the past, as well as what will happen in the future, there is only this moment, and we are now focused with Villarreal. They have players who can harm when too many of our players located in their area, “said Enrique on his club’s official website.