Basel-Porto Ends draw 1-1

Basel-Porto Ends draw 1-1

Basel-Porto Ends draw 1-1

Basel – Basel had to settle for a 1-1 draw reap when host Porto in the first leg of the Champions League last 16. Superior in the first through Derlis Gonzalez, their victory through a penalty Danilo aground.

Entertaining Porto in St. Jakob Park, Thursday (19/02/2015) pm dawn, Basel was able to develop a lot of games. Instead, Porto appear dominant and more threatening.

Statistics show host lost control of the ball 40% -60%. They just fired a shot throughout the 90 minutes that ended with a touchdown, while Porto have 15 experiments with seven led to the goal.

The only shot that fruitful goal of Basel waged by Derlis Gonzalez in the 11th minute. After insistent efforts, Porto then equalized through a penalty Danilo in the 79th minute.

With this draw, Porto worth staring at the second leg with a more optimistic considering has the advantage of an away goal. Match determination will be held at the Estadio Do Dragao, March 11 next.

The game

Initially run a tight game with both teams fighting in the midfield. The first opportunity belonged to Basel in the 11th minute, and immediately fruitful goal.

From the middle of the field area, Fabian Frei release bait far to Derlis Gonzalez who ran to the back line of the Porto defense. Two players straight stick, while goalkeeper Porto Fabiano strive forward to close the firing chamber. But Gonzalez was able to maintain control, then fired horizontally past the keeper, and into the net.

Efforts launched new replies Porto in the 19th minute. Free kick Christian Tello greeted Casemiro header from a narrow angle. Still too weak so easily secured Basel goalkeeper Tomas Vaclik.

A minute later, Porto again threatened. Danilo ran from stab right into the middle of the shot not far from the penalty box. The ball rolled to the right of the principal of the goal, but Vaclik swiftly dismissed.

A kick from outside the penalty box back Danilo launched on 31 minutes, following a corner kick. But his shot just bounced.

In the 35th minute, Port launched another attack. Hector Herrera Tello breakthrough release bait on the right side. Tello received the ball and successfully conquered Vaclik in one on one duel. But the goal was passed off for the linesman menunjukk first Tello in an offside position.

Yacine Brahimi’s turn that poses a threat in the 43rd minute. Feed Oliver forwarded Brahimi horizontal kick from inside the penalty box. But Vaclik in position ready to hold the ball. The first half ended.

Three minute walk, Porto recorded a targeted effort. Maicon header thwarted Vaclik in the lower right corner.

Not long after, Porto scored. Casemiro following a corner kick from Tello sank into the goal. The players celebrated, but later the referee annulled. Two players Porto one Marcano, assessed on the path of the ball and in an offside position.

Pressure continues to be given Porto. Breakthrough bait Oliver Torres received Tello on the right side and in a position quite freely. The ball is then directed to the near post, but Vaclik again still spry secure the net.

Other opportunities available at Porto in the 65th minute. Torres Martinez handed the ball inside the penalty box. Under the escort of the defender, Martinez had tried to poke the ball past Vaclik. The ball is passed through the Basel goalkeeper, but not into the net for just landed in the netting above.

A released Herrera kick from outside the box in the 74th minute. But Vaclik again thwarted.

Porto effort to equalize in the end succeeded in the 79th minute. The referee awarded a penalty to them after the ball of the hand of Walter Samuel in the forbidden box. Danilo forward as executor and successfully struck the ball into the goal.

Until the game was over, there was no goal is created. The match ended with the score 1-1 equally strong.


Porto: Fabiano, Danilo, Maicon, Marcano, Alex Sandro, Casemiro, Brahimi (Quaresma 61 ‘), Herrera, Óliver Torres (Neves 68’), Martínez, Tello (Quintero 81 ‘)

Basel: Vaclík, Samuel, Suchý, Safari, Zuffi, F.Frei, Elneny, Xhaka, Streller (Embolo 64 ‘), Gashi (Hamoudi 84’), Gonzalez (Calla 25 ‘)