Suarez, who Disconnected Chain of Messi-Neymar

Suarez, who Disconnected Chain of Messi-Neymar

Suarez, who Disconnected Chain of Messi-Neymar

Jakarta – The arrival of Luis Suarez should make a star-studded Barcelona has a trident on the front lines. But up to half of the season, one of the stake is still missing. Suarez still searching for the missing sharpness at the Camp Nou.

So far only five goals in all competitions Suarez made. In La Liga diabuat only two goals in 12 games. The statistics are far from okay if considering Suarez is the Premier League top scorer last season with 31 goals from 33 matches.

If there is one thing that makes Suarez looks ‘middling’ is his assists are already number nine.

Suarez statistics are much different from Messi and Neymar. The Argentine star has made 32 goals in all competitions this season, while the Brazilian superstar successfully collected 22 goals from the beginning of the season.

When Messi and Neymar middle onfire in early 2015, Suarez still unmoved by the condition that drag goals. Since the defeat of the Sociedad at the beginning of the year, Barcelona has undergone eight games (La Liga and Copa del Rey) with a total of 29 goals scored. The goal of the number 29 Suarez only making one goal – even though he was involved in four other goals as the giver assists.

Yet in the same period Messi managed to make nine goals (which he lesakan in the last six games). While Neymar has to make eight goals since pertgantian year (a total of seven games lived).

Suarez is still not able to compensate for the two colleagues come up with lameness in the front lines of the Catalans. The more make this Uruguayan striker Luis Enrique depressed is a decision that only put it on the bench for Barca dealing with Elche in the Copa del Rey. Without Suarez Barca won 6-0.

Inability Suarez then invited criticism from the media in Spain. Moreover, he played in his favorite position as a center forward. Come increasingly sharp criticism because Suarez on several occasions waste the opportunity that should be resolved into goals, such as when dealing one on one with the goalkeeper.

Suarez course still defended by his colleagues. Jordi Alba, Dani Alves to Luis Enrique believes that drag Suarez scored only for reasons of adaptation. Yet he still contributed a great deal through his goals.

“Luis is a great player and people have very high expectations for him. He’s getting the support and attention of all the people in Barcelona,” said the president Josep Maria Bartomeu, a few days ago.

“Maybe Suarez facing a difficult period in the final settlement, but he’s still a great purchase and he gave what is still lacking in us. We’ve got some great striker at the moment and it makes a difference,” defense Alba.

Another defense of Suarez is recall what happened in the last season Neymar. Undergoing year debut at the Camp Nou, Neymar appearance can not be considered special. He even bothered many non-technical things like life off the field and transfer case are suspected of engineering.