Ibra in the Champions League: 0 Trophies, 4 Red Card

Ibra in the Champions League: 0 Trophies, 4 Red Card

Ibra in the Champions League: 0 Trophies, 4 Red Card

London – Zlatan Ibrahimovic has never even get the Champions League trophy. But at least Ibra has posted a record, although unfortunately not a good record, related to the number of red cards in the competition.

During his career as a player, Ibra always bring a team which he built into a league champion. Starting from Ajax Amsterdam, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, ​​AC Milan, and now Paris St-Germain.

Not only degrees obtained, Ibra is also known as a dangerous striker in the penalty box. More than 300 goals made in more than 600 appearances. But there is a “curse” that seems to continue to accompany you wherever Ibra play, which is about the inability of the Swede led the club where he won the Champions League play.

Even when left Ibrahim, former club managed to become champions of Europe as Inter in 2010 and Barcelona in 2011.

When Ibra has yet also feel lifted ‘The Big Ear’, there is a record that has just listed the 32-year players. Unfortunately it is related to poor discipline record.

Ibra red card obtained when PSG rid of Chelsea in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 pm last morning, a fourth red card in the competition, the highest compared to other players.

Together Ibra, there is also a former Dutch footballer, Edgar Davids, who both collected four and happened to play in the same club, the Ajax, Juventus, Inter and Barca. Thus quoted from Infostrada.

“When the red card that happens, the worst thing is the Chelsea players. I feel there are 11 babies around me,” he complained Ibrahim when the Chelsea players swarming off after him hard manage Oscar.