Suarez-Messi-Neymar Makes Gol, Barca wins landslide 6-0

Suarez-Messi-Neymar Makes Gol, Barca wins landslide 6-0

Suarez-Messi-Neymar Makes Gol, Barca wins landslide 6-0

Barcelona – Barcelona still firmly at the top of La Liga. Entertaining Getafe, Barca won six goals without reply. Thirdly their star, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, and Neymar, contributed a goal in this match.

Thanks to the victory at Camp Nou, Wednesday (29/4) pm dawn, Barca lead the standings with a collection of 84. Meanwhile, Getafe is in 13th place with a value of 36.

Barcelona was already running since the first round. No half-hearted, they lesakkan five goals to Getafe goalkeeper who was escorted by Vicente Guaita.

The first goal Barca Messi was born from a penalty, following a foul committed Getafe defender, Alvaro Arroyo, to Suarez. Calmly, Messi did Panenka penalty kick to conquer Guaita.

Six minutes later, Getafe could get the opportunity through Fredy Hinestroza. However, Hinestroza kick from outside the penalty box can still be defeated by Barca goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.

Once these opportunities, Getafe struggled to develop the game. They serve hassles of pressure exerted by Barca.

Los Cules not only able to push through the middle, but also from the side of the pitch. Messi, who stands on the right side, several times to puncture and rare Getafe players who can stop the movement.

Barca’s second goal, scored by Suarez in the 25th minute, also originated from the action of Messi. From the right, Messi fired a cross into the penalty box Getafe. Suarez, who was standing in front of the goal, and then forward it to kick volley.

Just three minutes after the second goal, Barca scored their third. This time it was Neymar who became miners tally.

Brazilian star scored it stems from the fault line behind Getafe, where they lose the ball in his own area. The ball was picked up by Suarez and given to Neymar who stand on the left side. After outwit one of the defenders, Neymar then right-footed kick from inside the penalty box. 3-0 to Barca.

Two minutes after the third goal, precisely in the 30th minute, Barca scored the fourth goal. Again starting from Getafe players who lost the ball in his own area. Barca directly to counterattack and the ball given to Neymar on the left side. Neymar then pass the ball to Xavi direct kick off the right foot directed from outside the box.

Before halftime, Barca scored their fifth goal. In the 40th minute, Messi to puncture from the right side. He then sent the ball to Xavi who was in the penalty box. Without wasting time, Xavi directly to flick and gave the ball to Suarez who is on the left side. Suarez directly placing it done via kick toward the far post. 5-0.

Barca do not waste time in the second half. When the game entered the 47th minute, Messi widen the score to 6-0. The Argentine star to puncture from the right side, before finally releasing the left foot kick toward the far post.

After the goal, Barcelona continued to dominate. However, a number of chances they created, including through Suarez in the 66th minute and Messi in the 72nd minute, failed. Meanwhile, the chances of passing Hinestroza Getafe in the 70th minute also failed to be scored.

In the end, a score of 6-0 did not change until the long whistle sounded.

Team Line-up

Barcelona: Bravo, Bartra, Adriano, Dani Alves (Montoya 68), Mathieu, Busquets (Sergi Roberto 45), Xavi (Pedro 60), Rafinha, Suarez, Messi, Neymar.

Getafe: Guaita, Alexis, Lago, Velazquez, Arroyo, Lacen, Leon (Escudero 76), Rodriguez (Selma 65), Hinestroza, Buendia, Baba Diawara (Ivi 49).