Madrid player accused Refusing to pass the ball on Bale

Madrid player accused Refusing to pass the ball on Bale

Madrid player accused Refusing to pass the ball on Bale

Madrid – A wave of heavy criticism came from Gareth Bale last two games with Real Madrid. Bale claimed poor performances occur because the players of Real Madrid refused to give the ball to him.

Bale called ‘disappeared over the field’ when Madrid 1-2 defeat at the hands of Juventus in the first leg Champions League semifinal. The former Tottenham Hostpur it is hardly contribute anything in Turin after over 86 minutes on the pitch bag just fired a shot, hitting the ball 32 times, only releasing 18 operands, and zero mengreasikan opportunities.

Carlo Ancelotti called the poor performance because affected Bale injury he suffered recently completed. But according to his agent, Jonathan Barnett, Bale sag because he rarely passed the ball by his colleagues.

“We are convinced by this statistic and that is what happened during this time. It shows that people (pundits and critics) do not know exactly what they are talking about when criticizing Gareth, they do not see it completely,” Barnett said in an interview with the Telegraph.

Barnett expressed statistics are figures showing that Bale in the Champions League this season the average run 113 meters per minute but only 19 times to release the bait. While Cristiano Ronaldo, who ran 101 meters per minute had a greater contribution.

“Real have to work with Gareth and giving him more balls. Give him more balls he let her show everyone how great he is. He will be the best player at Real Madrid when his colleagues are willing to work with him and help him. Semog Real can do this . ”

“I am very disappointed with the professional pundits who do not understand the facts. Rather than criticize, they should look more carefully because it is obvious if you watch the game,” said Barnett.

This is not the first time Bale had a problem with his colleagues. At the beginning of 2015 he was unable to criticism from Madrid supporters for being too selfish. These allegations arising from Bale decided to open fire and not feed on Ronaldo or Karim Benzema free-standing. Real Madrid lost 1-2 to Valencia at the time, which also cut a series of consecutive wins they are already up to 22 digits.