Unfollow RFEF Competition Football in Spain Starting May 16

Unfollow RFEF Competition Football in Spain Starting May 16

Unfollow RFEF Competition Football in Spain Starting May 16

Madrid – As a form of disillusionment with the Spanish government’s decision related to the distribution of broadcasting rights, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has finally decided to stop all football activities in the country by May 16.

The Spanish government initially through their Sports Minister propose new legislation related to the distribution of television rights in the two top division football, La Liga and Segunda Division, which has been seen lame side.

Just look at when Real Madrid and Barcelona free to negotiate with the television station about their broadcasting rights that led to contracts with a value of ‘wow’, while other clubs only got a third of the total who obtained the two giants.

As a result of competition in La Liga becomes unbalanced when the two clubs took turns to be champions, before last season Atletico Madrid diselak.

Therefore the Government of Spain also made a new law that was finally approved by the board members, in which 50 percent of the value of broadcasting rights will be divided equally 20th La Liga club participants.

This decision instantly invited strong protests from the Association of Professional Players RFEF including Spain. After conducting a meeting between the two institutions yesterday, it was decided that all Spanish football competition started La Liga to Amateur League will be suspended from 16 May.

RFEF assess the government did not respect them and the players’ association were not consulted first-related changes to the rules of the broadcasting rights.

“At the moment together and once again we want to open a dialogue with the Spanish government,” the official statement the RFEF as quoted by Reuters.

As a result the RFEF’s decision then La Liga will not be able menghelat last two weeks of the season, including the determination of the match between Atletico Madrid against Barcelona on 16/17 May next week.

Not only that game Copa del Rey final between Barca counter was also threatened Athletic Bilbao was held on 30 May